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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


integrate crm to erp

Scribe  Insight

Let eyeQ integrate your CRM applications, such as SalesLogix or Salesforce, to your ERP, accounting or legacy in-house applications. 

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importing data

eyeQ offers migration and integration services for custom applications as well as standard migrations such as

ACT to Salesforce
ACT to Microsoft CRM
GoldMine to Salesforce
GoldMine to Microsoft CRM


Welcome to eyeQ CRM

 Over the past nine years we have garnered a wealth of experience working on hundreds of CRM implementation assignments across North America. At eyeQ our vision of CRM success is an integrated approach. As a result we recognize that the success of any CRM implementation requires expertise from a number of disciplines including strategic business planning, technology, project management, training and technical support. We have the ability to provide your company with a highly skilled team to address every aspect of a successful CRM implementation.

eyeQ utilizes a host of best-of-breed CRM technology applications to provide highly customized and proven solutions to meet your unique business needs. Recognizing that fast ROI (return on investment) is critical for mid-sized companies, we design solutions that can deliver this mandate.

Whether you are considering a new CRM implementation, reevaluating or upgrading your current system, we are uniquely equipped to provide the breadth of services you need.

automate tasks

 TaskCentre- Business Process Automation
Looking to cut costs? See how Business Process Management can automate workflow within your organization.

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grow your business Minimize

Grow your business using SalesLogix. 
SalesLogix provides a complete view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, customer service and support

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